Raúl Lozza

Lozza (Alberti, 1911 – Buenos Aires, 2008) co-founded the Movimiento Asociación Arte Concreto Invención in 1945 and separated from it to create in 1947 a movement called Perceptismo. Lozza creates his works using reason and researching dialectical laws based on practical knowledge of form and color. The Perceptist painting is the product of an evolutionary process driven by the pictorial practice and theoretical research, which converge at the same point.

Being a variant of Concrete Art, the Perceptismo breaks the values of representational painting, to investigate the universality of the compositional elements of the work: color, figure and background. The search of Lozza ranges from two perspectives, the geometry and sensory perception phenomenon and the formal category of the balance and the games between lines and space, abstracted from all matter.

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