Luis Tomasello

Luis Tomasello (La Plata, 1925 – Paris, 2014) is a prominent artist of geometric abstraction, optical and kinetic art who focused on the manifestations of light on the surface of reliefs. In 1955 he co-founded the New Art Association, with Carmelo Arden Quin. He settled in Paris in 1957, where he made his first kinetic works and join the movement Nouvelle Tendance.

Through minimum elements of identical structures, marked by regularity, Tomasello reaches an extraordinarily rich language thanks to the combination between the relief and the use of natural light reflecting hidden colors off the surface, creating a virtual lumino-kinetic experience . The relief allows him to move in space, playing with light: the color applied to the hidden faces of the bodies spreads on the support creating chromatic, luminous halos, titled Atmosphere Chromoplastiques. The diversity of variations in his work depend on both the light and the subjectivity of the gaze of the viewer, who can find permanent changes in the perception of them.

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