Julio Le Parc

Le Parc (Mendoza, 1928) is considered part of the movement of Op Art and kinetic art, and even Conceptual Art. He founded in Paris in 1958 the GRAV (Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel Grupo Visual Arts Research). In the sixties he proposed a break with artistic tradition that had prevailed until then, away from the static work and towards a dynamic conception of the artwork. His scientific and technical research resulted in interesting random plays of light and shadow, which led him to create works that were in perpetual transformation and constant instability, encouraging an active relationship between the viewer and the art object, where the participants complete the work of art. His intention is to free the viewer from their dependence and take participation in the action, integrating and immersing him or her in a light experience. His sculptures are genuine installations that involve the perception of viewers through optical illusions, color, light and shadow. Complete Bio