Gregorio Vardánega

Gregorio Vardánega (Passagno, 1923 – Paris, 2007) integrated in 1946 the Asociación Arte Concreto group (Invention Art Association), participating in several exhibitions. Despite being born in Italy he belongs to the current Argentine kinetic artists of the sixties, as he began his development in Argentina, and then settled in Paris permanently. Inquiries about the motion and optical illusions are central in Vardánega’s production. His varied creations are the result of different combinatorial or formal equations, which he conceived between space and the different means of propagation and materials. In his works Vardánega explores the plexiglass, glass, neon, water and mobile mechanisms, integrating projections of light and programs of sound and light synchronization. All his works part of the aesthetics of light, movement, color and electronic programming which are the result of scientific experimentation and his concern for promoting a knowledge and enjoyment of the senses. Complete Bio