Alberto Greco

Alberto Greco (Buenos Aires, 1931 – Barcelona, 1965) is recognized as one of the pioneers of the Movimiento Informalista Argentino (Informalist Argentinian Movement), integrating the Movement in 1959. Throughout his short career, he developed in different creative fields, including painting, drawing, poetry and literature, evolving into a line of conceptual research in which stands out the creation of a one-man movement that he called Vivo-Dito or Live-Art. Greco proclaims himself founder of Vivo-Dito by a manifest written by him in 1963, which explains his artistic position in which the action of pointing gives contexts and situations an unforeseen value and enables them to become a work of art. The Vivo-Dito actions opened a kind of manifestation based on the idea that the work is already done, it only needs to be pointed at. Complete Bio